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Academic-Residential Co-Curriculum

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VPUE’s Academic-Residential Co-Curriculum (ARC) program aims to connect undergraduates with faculty and academic staff. ARC seeks to enhance undergraduates’ opportunities to form lasting professional relationships and networks, and to develop lifelong mentors.

Our funding is for ideas that facilitate academic enhancement to help build Stanford's co-curriculum and maximize the potential of our all-residential campus.

We focus on:

  • developing spaces for intellectual and academic exchange and conversation outside the formal classroom;
  • providing significantly enhanced opportunities for faculty-student connection and network-building; 
  • helping develop friendly events and mixers for mentorship and informal advising;
  • supporting efforts to nurture students’ confidence, positivity, and sense of belonging; 
  • building faculty understanding of students—their lives, ambitions, and interests.


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The Claw Fountain, Stanford.

Nexus Grant

Connecting students and academic colleagues to maximize the potential intellectual energy of our residential campus.

View of the front of Stanford Campus

Campus Connections

Discovering the expertise of the broader Stanford community to benefit students’ networks.